Have you ever wondered that sometimes one small thing can make a huge difference in your life? Brace yourself, that one small thing could be the mistake of your life.

Once upon a time when the world was not so technologically advanced and we were not introduced to cell phones or laptops, people used to interact with each other on a daily basis, get out of their homes, roam around with their buddies, spend quality time with their families, share their thoughts and problems with them, and the children used to play in the streets, parks and gardens. That was the time when parents used to wish that their children spend more time at home than outside. But we are witnesses to a completely ironic changeover these days.

Kids aged 8-14 own a cell phone these days and spend most of their time tinkering and tampering around various social sites such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Ask.fm and Skype to name some. I have around 800 friends on social sites and I converse with most of them, but none of them know me personally nor I them. All we do every day is shut the doors of our rooms and sit on our PC’s. I’m not saying that these things are useless, all I want to say is that we have become so addicted to these gadgets and social sites that we have started living in a virtual world where everything is just like a dream and nothing is real and disappears sooner or later. Some of us are so used to these devices that we use them everywhere, while we are eating or reading, on bed , while we’re walking on the road, in college, some of us even use them while driving and therefore are at risk of harming themselves and those around them. Extreme use of smart phones can harm our eyes, neck and hands as we stare down on the screen by bending our neck, holding them in our hands in awkward positions. According to the latest research we spend 8 or more hours a day with our cell phones. They cause cancer too!

There are many advantages of smart phones too we can communicate easily with our friends and family worldwide. They’re portable and can be carried with us where ever we want. They help us to discover new possibilities and come to aid when we are stuck in any emergency situations. But, we people have ruined our lives with this small thing.

There was a time when people in love used to write letters and wait eagerly for days for their replies, and hide it from their parents and teachers. But now, people hide behind a laptop creating false identities and false love tricking unsuspecting people into their traps. What have we come to? Does advanced technology imply advanced meanness? Does advancement in technology mean regression in etiquettes and moral responsibility?

I’m guilty too, of being a user of this device/world that we have created for ourselves, where we are heard but not seen, where we type but don’t talk, where we give a like but not love, where we spend hours together but not beside each other, where stare at the texts and not make a single eye contact.

We feel alone when we’re in public, and all we do is stare at our contact list or at our menu, but we don’t need to this, instead we need to talk to one another and learn to co-exist.

Don’t give in to a life where you follow the hype

Give people your love, don’t give them your like.

Disconnect from the need to be heard and defined

Go out into the world, leave the distractions behind.

Look up from your phone, shut down that display,

Stop reading this article, and live life the real way.


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