Grow up girl !’, is what most parents tell us every day, and we always keep arguing with them telling them that we are not wrong and keep on going about how we are never wrong. But what do parents do then? Without understanding us and our problems they just take our phones away. But I really don’t care, because I am not going to change. I don’t like being underestimated and treated like a weakling. I’ll be more careful, measured and try to prove them wrong, I’ll show them who I am and what I am capable of doing. I bet I’ll be better than the guys whom my parents and the society treat so differently and totally opposite to the way they treat us. The guys can get away with all the little mischief’s and loafing that they do, hanging out late and going out wherever they want. If we girls do the same stuff, the next thing we know, a world war takes place in our homes and all the unwanted jabs and gossip starts behind our back.

Society fetishes the time when a female is not a girl and not yet a woman; some people of our so narrow minded that they blame us girls for everything even though they are not wrong. When a guy is among a group of six or eight girls, he is labelled as a stud and when a girl is among a goup of same of lesser number of guys she is called a slut. How do people justify these kinds of judgemental attitudes.

Instead of asking us to grow up and be responsible, why don’t they grow up and broaden their minds and treat us equally? Why this discrimination?

A girl says this –

Take this pink ribbon off my eyes

I’m exposed

And it’s no big surprise

Don’t you think I know

Exactly where I stand

This world is forcing me

To hold your hand

‘Cause I’m just a girl, little ol’ me

Well don’t let me out of your sight

Oh, I’m just a girl, all pretty and petite

So don’t let me have any rights

A girl is so constrained that she is not even allowed to take decisions for herself, for her life and is forced to hold the hand of a guy whom she doesn’t even know. And the moment she steps out she has to run or hide with the fear of people around who stare at her when she wears crop tops or shorts, staring with a vicious hunger, as though we have committed a heinous crime.

They don’t allow me to drive at night because I’m a girl, I’d rather not be a girl, and I don’t want to grow up dad, I don’t want to enter this scary world. I want to stay a little princess of yours.

Everyone have to raise our hands and fight against this inhuman discrimination, this oppression, because nothing is going to happen until we do something. Everyone has the right to life and right to live the way they want to. Nobody wants their life to be dictated by someone else, be proud when you see the person in front of the mirror and smile.

It’s my life. My world.

AUTHOR: Anmol Shahri


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